Graphics Design

Get the effective branding and advertisement design service from MapleLabz agency. Know our innovative way to design your perfect campaigns.

Our work centres around branding. Commencing from the logo, we develop complete branding solutions. Adapting branding to a full range of graphic design services, we deliver graphic design work that has high impact and delivers results.

Scope of Work

Logo design

project for us includes, name, logo/mark, tagline, graphics, shapes & colours. Successful logos are simple, easy to recall, and works in any medium-offline & online. As part of a company's brand identity, a logo should complement the company's message strategy.

We work on interpreting the brand with the logo we develop. Create a reflection of brand or product and serve to help instant recognition and association.

Your corporate brand identity development is not merely the sum of all the elements of your corporate image. It is the overall impression and brand value your company brings to the table. These elements include your logo, personalized stationery, your web site, collaterals and your slogans.

We build an identity to shape the way a consumer looks up to and feels about your brand. More often this is a subconscious sense and sets in the early stages of interaction and unless the experience at some point is disastrous can last a lifetime.

Our brochure design experience spans 60 months and includes a wide range of projects and industries. Our team takes full responsibility for the creative process, from concept to printing, including quality photography, compelling content writing, and well laid-out creative typography. We also build digital brochures for internet distribution and emailing.

Flyer Marketing is a key element of good communication, and importantly, company flyer design, writing and marketing services are cost-effective and productive methods of communication. Flyer marketing is the most cost-effective communication medium. Engage, maintain constant connect and retain existing customers with eye catchy

flyer designing


Packaging design has an important role in increasing sales. If you want to make a big impact in the growth department, you might need to leave behind your old packaging. We're a dedicated packaging design agency in Indiana, with long stretches of experience.

Your packaging presentation needs to remain consistent with all aspects of your brand. We put stock in originality, imagination and functionality above anything to serve our customers and to take their brands to the summit they well deserve.

Billboards are one of the most popular advertising media across the globe. A magical influence on the minds of consumers, driving the attention of potential customers.

We here at MapleLabz offer outdoor advertising designs to connect with thousands of pedestrians, walkers and drivers through our

billboard designs

. To aid corporate sectors and business empires to acquire maximum results from the marketing strategy, we provide the best billboard advertising design services.

It's an Art they say! and yes we at MapleLabz have been blessed by it. An advertising campaign is a well planned strategy that is implemented across several mediums in order to achieve specific goals such as increased brand awareness, sales, and communication within a given market. All of this is made possible through Magazine Ads.

As a creative design agency, we possess the quality and relevance of information that customers have come to expect, though it has a greater focus on the aesthetic part. We also make use of the traditional marketing “wow factor” in order to capture the attention of its audience and leave a longer lasting digital impression than your competitors.

We design the most engaging social media posts. Our designs help your company with increasing customer interaction.